Statue Resting Angel - 40cm - Stone

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Statue Resting Angel - 40cm - Stone 
This beautiful statue of a resting angel, made of stone, adds a serene and elegant touch to any garden or outdoor space.
At about 40cm tall, this detailed statue is a modest yet striking decoration.

The careful finish highlights the angel's serenity and beauty.

Detailed design: An ornate resting angel, carefully sculpted for a realistic and serene look.
Durable material: Made entirely of stone, resistant to various weather conditions.
Elegant look: With a height of approx. 40 cm, this statue is a beautiful and subtle addition to your garden.
Versatile use: Ideal for both gardens and other outdoor spaces.
Bring peace and beauty to your outdoor space with this stunning statue of a resting angel and enjoy the timeless charm it exudes.

Scope of delivery: 1x statue angel, stone

Dimensions approx:
Height 40 cm
Width 23 cm
Depth 28 cm

Weight approx. 24 kg.

Tags: Engel, engelbeeld stenen beeld, tuinbeeld, devotionella, kerkbeelden, tuinbeelden, vijverbeeld, ornament, sculptuur,

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