Außenbeleuchtung für die Haustür, Coach Lampe, schwarz

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Outdoor lighting for the front door, Coach lamp, lamp lighting entrance terrace

A finished original constructed antique lamp for your contribution as a special outdoor lighting.

A perfectly made metal production executed in aluminum-metal with black finish, weatherproof powder coated - and historically replicated- with a porcelain fitting !
The beautiful nostalgic light on the wall with the atmosphere and rich appearance accompanies this lamp the entrance as night lighting very individually !

But not only for at the door, but also on the terrace as special lighting this lamp is ideal.

There is no cable installed in the lamps because it should preferably be pulled off the installation spot through the lamp and then directly into the socket, so no interruptions!!! This, as well as all other installation work must be done strictly for safety by an electrician or other professionals!!!.

Package included: 1 Outdoor Lamp - transport lamp, aluminum with black powder coating

Dimensions approximately: Overall height: 55 cm - Width: 20 cm - Depth: 13 cm
Forder front glass: 13 x 14 cm
Wall mounting plate: 14 cm
Distance between screw holes: 12 cm

Weight approx:. 6.5 kg

Tags: grounds lighting, outdoor lamp transportation, outdoor lamps, lamp drive, Terrace lamp, outdoor house wall lamp, entrance lamp, lamp for home wall lamp at the entrance, wall lamp, transportation lighting, grounds lighting nostalgia,

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