Moai Statue XXL - 180 cm - Polystone

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Moai Statue XXL - 180 cm - Polystone

Transform your garden into a mystical and intriguing landscape with this imposing Moai statue, a tribute to ancient Polynesian culture.
With an impressive height of 180 cm and a width of 90 cm, this statue is a striking addition to any outdoor space.

Inspired by the iconic stone statues of Easter Island, the Moai statue exudes an aura of mystery and timeless beauty.
Expertly crafted and with attention to detail, this statue is a true eye-catcher that garners admiration from any passer-by.

With its anthracite/black colour and subtly accented orange rust look around the ears and eyes, this Moai statue adds a unique and artistic element to your garden.
Whether you are a lover of history and culture or just looking for an eye-catching decorative piece, this Moai statue is sure to be a talking point for all your guests.

Delivery scope: 1x moai statue xxl

Dimensions approx:
Height 180 cm
Width 90 cm
Depth 65 cm

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