Cast iron stable-garage window, iron window for garden wall, oak window large.

Item No.: gietijzer-raamwerk-Eiken-gr-73x60-DS-A-108

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Cast iron stable-garage window, iron window for garden wall, Oak window large.

This is the representation of a historic stable window.
A beautiful window of iron because it was found on almost all courts of the 1970-ies years before modernization and gave the buildings its typical face.
Now these windows can be reused to restore individual, historic character.

The surface, which is covered with flying rust, has a vibrant, rustic look -
If you don't like the natural window surface: cast iron only sets rust, you can drill it out
and then paint the window in the desired shade using commercially available paint.

We can supply the appropriate glass panes for the iron window.
The windows are available in any quantity and very easy to glass.
- We offer glass in different versions.

These are 4 mm standard window glasses, precisely cut for the particular window.
It is also possible to order mirror, milk or antique glass for the particular window.

If you want to make a glass: this is very simple:
On the back there is enough space to install glass or mirrors.
The glass panes can be used, as in historical times, by linseed oil - or very simple and quick: with silicone.
(We are happy to offer you a complete glass, but this is not possible because of the risk of transportation).

Should you not give the size of iron a profession, or if you are looking for a possible combination, please refer to our store,
here you will find many other windows in different sizes and designs!
Unfortunately, special sizes are not possible.

The last three pictures show an example of the different glass versions:

Antique glass: Here through the window becomes a convincing antique effect. The transparency is slightly hazy and wavy, including small blisters, but the window remains transparent.
Milk glass: In the room, it remains clear, but you cannot see through it.
Mirror: Works like a real window from a distance and is effective on a wall, the environment reflects.

Included: 1 cast iron frame, Oak

Size approximately: height 60 cm x width 73 cm
This window is also smaller (48 x 53 cm)

Weight approx: 21 kg

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