1 Long door plate, brass patinated, ''cova'', closed plate.

Item No.: lange-plaat-Cavo-blind-mess-pat-vm-200.727.45
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long plate, door plate, brass patinated, ''cova'', blind, closed.

A beautifully patinated and brushed brass door plate, as a stunning addition to room doors.

With its beautiful design, this stylish long plate is the basis for many door hardware sets.

Scope of delivery: 1 long plate "Cavo", brass, patinated, blind.

Dimensions approx.: width 4.5 cm x height 21 cm.
Dimensions approx.: hole diameter door handle 18 mm.
Dimensions approx (hole spacing): top/bottom 2.5 cm x in height 19 cm.

Weight approx: 0.3 kg.

tags: nostalgia, door fittings, front door, building fittings, door fittings, old door long plate, room doors, door, fitting, without keyhole, blind, brass patinated, brushed, keyhole-free, for box lock

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