1 Long doorplate patinated brass, door hardware COVA, PZ92, cylinder lock suitable.

Item No.: 1-Deurplaat-Cova-Mess-Pat-vm-200795.45
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long doorplate patinated brass, door hardware CAVO, PZ92.

Beautiful brass door fitting!

This historic working long plate is characterised by its originality.
Material properties: By using high-quality materials and intricate handwork on our long plates
gives it an original fixture from the last century.

Included: 1 long plate Cova, patinated brass, for front door (PZ92)

Approximate dimensions:.
Length: 20.5 cm.
Width: 4.5 cm
depth 3 mm

weight approx. 235 g

tags: antique brass hardware, supplies for old doors, antique door hardware, doors, brass retro retro door hardware PZ92, handle sets brass door hardware retro brass

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