1 set of door hinges and locks: 1 knob, 1 door handle with porcelain handle antique white, 2 door plates brass patinated, PZ92

Item No.: 1 KN + + 1KL 2LS-Kot-Mespat-20009045 + 20070145

Porcelain handles in color

Din left or Din right

Article numbers

Antique brass door fitting, door knob + door handles and 2x long plate PZ

Beautiful home door hardware: Doorknob with long plate on the outside, inside a long plate with doorknob. Beautiful and smooth gripping, the doorknob is shaped and therefore beautifully hand-forged! These links are for antique door handle - working sets. Therefore, they fit perfectly to complement "Antique Door Hardware" for historical doors.
We have fitted this switch set with an 8x8Thorn - so this doorknob, as supplied, rotates.
You can fit the included mandrel, or use a pin change - so the door cannot be opened from the outside. You can order from our webshop - note the size, see description below.

The growing concern: What is the significance of the switch pin?
This 4-pole joint is used to mount door hardware sets, - also called Knob sets - which have a fixed handle on the outside and a movable door handle on the inside. The knob is firmly attached to the rear long plate or knob rosette with a thicker screw. The long plate or knob rosette is then screwed onto the door so that the door can be opened or set up.
The locknut is inserted into the AC pin and securely fastened with a small screw. It can then be connected to the socket on the shaft and tightened with the set screw.

If you are fitting an old door with these fittings, take note:
Doors earlier mainly had a lock nut dimension of 10 x 10 mm, modern locks have a DIN dimension of 8 x 8 mm.
Please measure whether your crown nut has the 10 x 10 mm dimensions - in this case you can find in our web shop under door hardware - parts / accessories a correspondingly thick half spindle.

Scope of delivery: 1 door hardware: 1 knob, 1 door handle with porcelain handle antique-white, 2 backplates, brass patinated, PZ92
(1 KN + + 1KL 2LS-Kot-Mespat-20009045 + 20070145 + 20072045)

Door knob: diameter 53 mm

Door knob: Length: 110 mm - Width 60 mm Mandrel size: 0.8 cm
Thorn size: 8 mm x 100 mm

Long plate: 280 x 40 mm - Door PZ 92
Distance handle and keyhole, from centre to centre: 92 mm

Weight: 1 kg

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