Four Seasons - Garden Statues - Stone - Set of 4 Pieces

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Four Seasons - Garden Statues - Stone - Set of 4 Pieces

Representing the four seasons, this beautiful set of four garden statues is a unique and enchanting addition to any garden.
Each statue is carefully crafted from stone and has a height of about 100 cm.

Combining artistic beauty with durable construction, these statues will make a lasting impression in your outdoor space.

Four Seasons: Each statue represents a season, creating a harmonious and symbolic decoration.
Durable material: Made of sturdy stone
Elegant look: With a height of approx. 100 cm each, these statues are impressive and stylish.
Unique garden set: A special and unique set that gives your garden a classic and sophisticated atmosphere.


Enhance your garden with this unique set of four seasons statues and enjoy the timeless charm and symbolism they add to your outdoor space.

Scope of delivery: 1x set of 4 statues, the four seasons

Dimensions per piece approx:
Height 100 cm

Weight approx. 60 kg.

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