Statue Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt - Stone

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Stone pedestal

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Statue of Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt - Stone

Discover our beautiful statue of Artemis, goddess of the hunt - an impressive work of art that exudes power.
Standing approximately 143 cm tall, this extraordinary garden statue is made entirely of stone and embodies the timeless beauty of classical mythology.

Artemis, depicted in a graceful and powerful pose, brings a touch of mythological style to your garden or terrace.
The detailed craftsmanship and robust stone construction make this statue a striking addition to your outdoor space.

Place this statue of Artemis in your garden as a tribute to the classic beauty and power of the goddess of the hunt.
Whether you use it as a centrepiece or as an elegant accent in your outdoor space, this statue is sure to garner admiration and add a sense of historical splendour to your outdoor living space.

Scope of delivery: 1x statue artemis, stone

Dimensions approx:
Height 143 cm
Width 45 cm
Depth 40 cm

Weight approx. 200 kg.

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