Classic outdoor lamp, aluminum - black, castle arm + small shade

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Classic outdoor lamp, aluminum - black, castle arm + small shade.

This tasteful lamp wall lamp is like a lamp from the historical turn of the century style. This lamp brings coziness and is wonderful in a country style, for example. The nostalgic wall lamp really adds something in any ambiance and creates a lot of atmosphere.


No cable is pre-installed in the lamps, as it should preferably be pulled from the wall through the lamp, so in the connection.
This, as well as all other assembly work must be carried out strictly according to the rules, for safety, by an electrician.

Scope of delivery: 1 wall lamp, black with ceramic lamp holder and glass, cast aluminum.

Material: aluminum.
Color: black.

Dimensions approx:

Overall height: 73 cm.
Lamp head: height 50 cm.
Wall arm: depth 35 cm.
Mounting plate: height 26 cm x width (max) 9,5 cm.

Screw hole Ø 0.9 cm (3 fixing holes).

Total weight approx: 3,75 kg, this lamp is insured and sent as xxl package due to transport risk.

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