Lamp brass-copper X on base, great look!!!

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Floor lamp X composed of copper and brass, great look.

A beautifully designed outdoor lamp composed of copper and brass, a beautiful solid lamp that has a great look.

This outdoor lamp has a very beautiful and historic appearance and fits beautifully with any entrance. Easy to place on e.g. the garden gates L+R.


No cable is pre-installed in the lamps, as cabling must be pulled from lamp without interruption to power source.
All installation work should be done strictly for safety by a licensed electrician.

Delivery content: 1 x outdoor lamp square X with socket and glass, material copper and brass + base.

Sizes approximately: Height approximately 77 cm, head brass 27 x 27 cm, Lamp base square: 20 cm x 20 cm.

Weight after packaging is approximately 19.2 Kg.

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