Cast iron stable window - folding open - full cast iron

Item No.: stal.raam.gietijzer.kiep.a230

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Cast iron stable window - unfolding - full cast iron

This is a beautiful stable window that you can build into, or use as a wall decoration. It has a rustic surface and is made of cast iron. This stable window has a section that can be folded open for ventilation if you are going to build it in.

The windows are available in multiples on request and can easily be fitted with different types of glass. We can supply you with different types on demand.

They are 4 mm window glass that is cut to size.
The glasswork is easy to fit:
There is enough space on the back of the frame to fit the desired glass. The glass windows can be fitted using audenthic putty or quickly with modern sillicone sealant.
(We would like to deliver the product complete, but this is not possible as transport is required).
If you cannot find the right frame, please take a look in our shop to see all the possibilities.

You can choose the glass type (or ''no glass'') in the selection menu.

Scope of delivery: 1x Cast-iron stable window - openable - full cast iron
(stable.window.cast iron.tilt.a230)

Dimensions are:

Height 56 cm.
Width 61 cm

Weight is approx 6,5 kg.


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