Garden Vase with Ears on Pedestal - 110 cm - Stone

Item No.: tuinv.oren.sokkel.st.p.351+1904
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Garden Vase with Ears on Pedestal - 110 cm - Stone 

This beautiful stone garden vase with ears becomes even more impressive as part of a set with a matching plinth, with a total height of about 110 cm.
The detailed vase, with a height of about 53 cm and a width of about 43 cm, rests on a sturdy plinth that enhances its beauty.

This exclusive set adds a touch of class to any garden or outdoor space.

Place this beautiful set in your garden and admire the timeless elegance it exudes.

Scope of delivery: 1x garden vase + pedestal, stone

Dimensions approx:

Overall height 110 cm

Height 53 cm
Width 43 cm
Diameter 30 cm
Base 26 x 26 cm

Height 57 cm
Length 26 cm
Width 26 cm

Total weight approx. 95 kg.

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