Bord "Toilet", teken van het toilet gemaakt van gietijzer, toilet teken in Art Nouveau stijl

Item No.: Schild-Toilet-JU-STI-BAA-CS-39
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Sign "Toilet", sign of the toilet made of cast iron, toilet sign in Art Nouveau style.

A beautiful door sign for the toilet in art nouveau look. The quality of the coating makes this sign ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Included: 1 toilet sign "TOILET" cast iron, colored lacquered.
(register Toilet-JU STI BAA-CS-39)

Measures approx.
Height: 7.5 cm.
Width: 18.8 cm.
Depth: 0.7 cm.

weight: 410 g.

Tags: sign, toilet sign, iron, cast iron, antique sign, toilet, bathroom, Art Nouveau, toilet, loo

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