Garden wall window, iron window, fixed, cast iron

Item No.: raamwerk-gietijzer-boog-8vlak-DS-A-278

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  • No glass
  • Antique glass (+ €119,00)
  • Mirror glass (+ €95,00)
  • Clear glass (+ €79,00)
  • Spectrum antique glass (strongest) (+ €105,00)
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Garden wall window, iron window, fixed.

A very nice window window of the highest quality, made of cast iron.

You may choose a type of glass with the window, you can see those different types of glass between the pictures.

Please note that our panes have to be individually adapted for each window, so there may be a longer delivery time on the window.

Scope of delivery: 1 window 8 flat cast iron.

Dimensions approx:
Height: 47.5 cm.
Width: 78 cm.

Weight approx: 7.4 kg.

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