Iron window, cast iron Greetje OK, cast iron untreated

Item No.: Raamframe-gietijzer- 46x31cm -roest-A-211

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Stable iron window, Farmers window, iron window, garden wall 46 x 31cm

How real antique: A nice little barn window frame as a great decoration for your garden design. The framework is made of cast iron and is made according to a historical original window made of cast iron.

Especially suitable is this cast iron window for the renovation of historical buildings and also for inserting in a garage wall or in the garden wall as a restriction of the terrace.

The easy-studded surface rust can be painted after brushing with a wish color suitable for iron.

Glazing is available for this window in any quantity.
- Glass we can offer in different versions:
It is 3 mm standard glass panes, which are cut to size for each window.
Similarly, it is also possible to order mirror, milk or antique glass for each window.

Just email us which wish you have and you will receive the price for that glazing!!!

If you want to install the glazing: This is very easy:
On the back there is enough space to install glass or mirror.
The panes can be fixed to historical times with putty - or also very easily and quickly with silicone.
(We would like to provide you with a complete glazing, but this is not possible due to the transportation risk).

If you are not satisfied about the size of the iron window, or if you are looking for a combination, please look in our store.
Here you will find many more windows of different sizes and finishes !
Unfortunately Individual requested sizes are not possible, purely what is in stock.

Antique Glass: Here through the window gets a convincing antique effect. The revision looks somewhat hazy and wavy, with the addition of small bubbles - the window remains transparent.

Mirror: from afar like a real window and is effective against a house wall, everything reflects.

Prices for the glass are listed in the selection menu.

Scope of delivery:

1 iron windows, cast iron Greetje OK, cast iron untreated

Dimensions approx:
Height: 46cm x Width: 31 cm + pin (which can also be cut off when not in use)

Weight approx: 3 Kg

Attention: Can only be sent in XXL boxes, this is to avoid shipping damage, hence slightly more expensive shipping costs!!!

There is the possibility to collect, only after consultation!

Tags: mirror window, wall decoration Antique, window and mirror, Eisenfensterchen, garden house, antique windows, garden wall, wall opening, wall, window, stable, window wall ruins,

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