Barn stable window 12 window fields, ideal cast iron window for garden wall, 94.5 x 66.5 cm

Item No.: raamwerk-12vlak-gietijzer-DS-W22B-a213

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Barn stable window 12 window fields, ideal cast iron window for garden wall.

An attractive window in traditional form for designing a wall opening, for decorating a garden wall or as a garage window.
This iron window is particularly suitable for the renovation of old buildings, to fit into a garden wall or in a wall as an edge to the terrace.
This antique window is made of cast iron and according to historical origin.

The window is untreated and on the surface has a rust patina therefore - this does not suit you, you can paint or iron window after light brushing with standard color in a desired shade treated with clear varnish.

Our windows are available in a number of items and are very easy to glass.
The glass can be offered in different versions.

If you want to make a glass: We can provide the appropriate glass windows.
These are 3 mm standard window glasses, precisely cut for the particular window.
It is also possible to order mirror, milk-ice or antique glass for the window in question.

The glazing itself is very simple:
On the back there is enough space to install glass.
The glass panes can be used, as in historic times, by linseed oil - or very simply and quickly: with silicone.
(We are happy to offer you a complete glass, but this is not possible because of the risk of transportation).

Should the size of iron window not appeal to you, or to search for a possible combination to give, please look at our store: Find many more windows of different sizes and finishes!
Unfortunately, special sizes are not possible.

The last three pictures show an example of the different glass versions:

Antique glass: Here through the window becomes a convincing antique effect. The transparency is slightly hazy and wavy, including small blisters, but the window remains transparent.
Mirror glass: looks like a real window from a distance and is effective on a wall of the house, as it reflects the surroundings. Because window glass is custom made, it remains excluded from return!!!

Glass prices are in the selection menu!!!

Please indicate in the comment column at the end of the order process which type of glass you wish to order then we will email you the price of this set of glass.

Scope of delivery: 1 iron frame 12 flat, cast iron untreated

Dimensions approx:
Height 94.5 cm
Width: 66.5 cm

Weight: approx. 9 kg

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