Round folding cast-iron window, stable window.

Item No.: Gietijzeren-raamwerk-Combus-rond-38-a310

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  • No glass
  • Antique glass (+ €115,00)
  • Mirror glass (+ €95,00)
  • Clear glass (+ €65,00)
  • Spectrum antique glass (strongest) (+ €105,00)
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Lovely round cast iron swing window for garage or gable.

Beautiful cast iron stable window that has a function that it can be opened, can be easily coloured.

Nice to place in the ridge of a facade, or simply in a garden wall.

We can supply different types of glass on request, but this does involve a short delivery time because we have to have it cut to size.

When ordering, you can state in the comment which glass you require, and we will provide an order confirmation.

1) Normal clear glass costs for this window:

2) Milk glass costs for this window

3) Antique glass costs for this window

4) Mirror glass costs for this window

You can see prices of glass in the appendix and choose the same way.

Delivery scope:
1 cast iron window, round - folding, untreated

Dimensions approx:
Diameter: 38 cm
Windows 4.5 cm

Weight approx.: 6.8 kg

Attention: Can only be shipped in XXL boxes, this is to prevent transport damage, hence slightly more expensive shipping costs!!!

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