Statue Kneeling Angel - 58 cm - Stone

Item No.: GAR-kleinzoon-knielende-H58cm-JOS-angel-58

Statue Kneeling Angel - 58 cm - Stone

This beautiful statue of a kneeling angel, made of stone, is an atmospheric addition to any garden or outdoor space.
At approximately 58 cm tall, this angel exudes tranquillity.

Its detailed design and durable construction make this statue a beautiful eye-catcher.

Detailed design: An ornate kneeling angel, carefully sculpted for a realistic and serene look.
Durable material: Made entirely of stone, making it resistant to various weather conditions.
Elegant look: At around 58 cm tall, this statue is a modest yet impressive decoration.
Versatile use: Perfect for both garden and other outdoor spaces.
Enhance your garden or outdoor space with this stunning statue of a kneeling angel and enjoy the soothing beauty it exudes.

Delivery scope: 1x angel, kneeling, stone

Dimensions approx:
Height 58 cm
Width 36 cm

Weight approx. 30 kg.

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