Church statue of Mary large in color, beautiful unique statue.

Item No.: mariagrootkleur110

Large Maria church statue, solid cast stone, beautifully detailed colored statue.

Super beautiful solid church statue, beautiful in execution and design, due to its weight also suitable for outdoor use in wind and weather, for example. place in the garden or indoors in a beautiful place.

The statue will become discolored outside due to weather influences, to prevent this the statue can be treated with clear varnish. beautiful full color and restored church image beautiful in impression!!

The statue is first painted by an artist and therefore the delivery time for this statue is approximately 6 weeks!!

Scope of delivery: 1 x church statue, full of stone and beautiful in color.

Dimensions: approximately 75 kg and 115 cm high.

Weight approximately 65 kg!!.

Take into account a delivery time of approximately 6 weeks!!

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