Outdoor lamp - 50 cm - Black - Alu - with Bulb and Glass

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Outdoor lamp - 50 cm - Black - Alu - with Bulb and Glass

This wall lamp is a tasteful addition to your entrance or terrace, with a classic and nostalgic look.
Designed to match a country style, it is sure to attract attention.

The lamp is not only decorative, but also practically indestructible thanks to the use of cast aluminium and high-quality, weather-resistant paint.
The black colour emphasises its historic character, but you can repaint the lamp with suitable paint if you wish.

It is important to note that no cable is pre-installed in the lamp, as it is better to pull the cable directly from the socket to the lamp to avoid interruptions.
All installation work should be done strictly by a licensed installer to ensure safety.

This lamp is also available in a larger size of 65 cm. 
Available in black and dark green

Scope of delivery: 1x outdoor lamp alkmaar, black, 50 cm

Dimensions approx:
Height 50 cm
Width 25 cm
Depth 20 cm

Weight approx. 3 kg.

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