Cast iron stable window spider large - 89.5 cm x 54 cm

Item No.: Stalraam-Spider-groot-89,5x54-DS-F14-a-105

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Cast iron stable window spider large - 89.5 cm x 54 cm.

A beautiful ornate stable window, ideal for renovating historic buildings.
Such a beautiful window is also excellent for adding nostalgic charm to a romantic garden wall or a garage.

We can also supply different, matching types of glass with this stable window. The normal price lists the different types of glass you can choose from with the corresponding additional prices.
Unfortunately we cannot offer you finished glazing, this is unfortunately not possible due to the transportation risk. The glass plates were delivered separately.

However, glazing is not difficult:

The important thing is that you have the right piece of glass at the right window hole, then it is a matter of attaching the panes properly with sealant (which sealant you can ask at a hardware store or look it up on the internet).

Please note that our panes have to be custom-made for each window, therefore the delivery time may be a bit longer.

Scope of delivery: 1 stable window, spider large, made of cast iron.

Dimensions approx: depth 2.8 cm x width 89.5 cm (with anchor 92.5 cm) x height 54 cm.

Weight approx: 15 kg.

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